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The number one cause for poor patient retention is poor customer service. Poor customer service is not only affecting patient retention, it is also affecting online reviews which affects new patient acquisition. With HealthCARE Transformed’s online training modules, your team will be better prepared to provide excellent customer service that will keep your patients happy and your reviews positive.

How it Works

The convenience of HealthCARE Transformed is that it’s simple to get started and requires little to no work on administrators. Once signed up, you will give your employees an access code and they will be able to get started immediately. As an administrator, you’ll be able to track their progress and have ongoing discussions with employees about how to improve their skills.

What Courses Are Available

CARE CURRICULUM - Connected * Attentive * Responsible * Enthusiastic
This track focuses on how to care for patients during every step of their experience with your clinic. Your team will learn how to improve Patient Satisfaction, First Impressions, Team Building, Telephone Etiquette, and more.

This track is designed to help your employees learn how to handle conflict. Whether that be conflict with co-workers or with patients, your team will be prepared and trained on conflict resolution.

Healthcare expenses are extremely hard for patients to understand and sometimes even harder for healthcare employees to explain. That’s why this track focuses on training your employees on how to discuss finances with patients. Our curriculum teaches employees how to explain insurance as well as how to properly collect from patients.

Finding balance in life takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but once achieved, balance can help in every aspect of your life. Having employees that learn to find balance in different aspects of their professional and personal lives can significantly affect the care provided to patients. In HealthCARE Transformed’s Balance curriculum, your employees will learn how to find balance in how they interact with patients, accomplish tasks efficiently, and manage professional and personal activities.






What’s Included

You’ll have full access to our Learning Management System and custom training courses, classes and worksheets. Our interactive system allows your employees to work through the modules at their own pace. No clinic down time is required.

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- 68% of patients leave practices because they are upset with the treatment they received.

- 48% of patients who had a negative experience told 10 or more others about their experience.

- 68% of employees quit because of the attitude of indifference toward the patient by a coworker.


What People Are Saying


Why HealthCARE Transformed

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HealthCARE Transformed will teach your staff to increase Patient Satisfaction which will improve your Patient Retention.

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HealthCARE Transformed will help put tools in place to increase word of mouth advertising.

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Your co-workers are your customers too. HealthCARE Transformed teaches your team to work together.

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HealthCARE Transformed provides a customer service checklist for all new hires. It can become part of your new hire training.

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HealthCARE Transformed will teach your staff to improve communication which will increase productivity.

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Your employees are a reflection of your clinic. HealthCARE Transformed ensures that your clinic has a positive image that reflects your clinic's values.


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